SUPERSTAR 2015 trend marketing campaign


2015 was the year of SUPERSTAR model. Supported by several agencies, adidas Originals launched a multichannel year-long campaign aimed at promoting its SUPERSTAR model worldwide.

In Russia, as part of the global brand event, the Louder team developed a trend-marketing campaign to encourage interaction between the brand and the trendsetters and communities in the cities.

In a month after the launch of the campaign, the SUPERSTAR Moscow art space opened in Moscow. It was world’s only single model shop that soon became the base for the hottest activities aimed at the city’s creative young people. The five stages of the campaign were represented by five stands: GRAND OPENING – SUPERSTAR – SUPERCOLOR – SUPERSHELL – SUPERFINALS.


A variety of events – the powerful opening of the shop late in December, launch of the iconic model, the special SUPRCOLOR project: 50 colors, 50 stories in 50 days, massive integration into the iconic Faces&Laces street art exhibition, the SUPERFINALS among photographers, skaters, graffiti artists and musicians – were witnessed by more than 120,000 shop visitors, over 13 million social media fans and over 260 million viewers of the media that covered the events.


adidas Originals