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Adoptify: Serviceplan, Spotify and the Animal Protection Society help shelter dogs find their homes  

Serviceplan and the Animal Protection Society have launched a social campaign. Adoptify unites people and shelter dogs with similar musical tastes

Plenty of people are afraid of adopting dogs from shelters, worried whether a dog will be able to adapt to new living conditions and bond with family members. Munich's Serviceplan and the Animal Protection Society decided to help fight this fear and created a service that helps underline an animal's personality traits, based on its musical tastes. The campaign's main goal is to help people and shelter dogs find each other. The insight for the Adoptify campaign came from a study by Glasgow University researchers, who learned that dogs have their own musical tastes.

Popular service Spotify became a partner for the project. The musical app automatically analyses the music listened to by a potential dog-owner and displays personalised banners linked to a shelter web-site. Thus user comes to an info page of a pet who shares the user's musical preferences. Adoptify reduces the risk of an unsuccessful choice of shelter dog and helps find a pet who is also a soul-mate.

"As members of the Animal Protection Society we pay special attention to  atypical connections and better information of wide audiences. We are proud to collaborate with the other two Adoptify partners, who are market leaders in their sectors," says Jillian Moss, PR, advertising and fundraising rep at the Munich Animal Protection Society.


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Danilo Lange
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