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Riga Mall campaign 'Switch on to green'

Riga Mall campaign 'Switch on to green'

Riga Mall is the shopping mall located on Novorizhskoe highway surrounded with cottage estates. The countryside location has defined the mall’s concept ‘it’s where shopping meets nature’.

We needed to create awareness and positive reputation for the mall, to intrigue our sophisticated customers with fresh and new approach. The strategy ‘change the environment’ prompts the customer to refresh their habits, their way of living, their brand and product portfolio even during the shopping process. The slogan ‘SWITCH on to green’ is very actual exactly in 2017 when Pantone Greenery has been selected the Color of the Year. The visual puzzle is based on the logo structure and creates the endless list of directions where to switch. In Russian the prefix PERE- (RE-) prompts to SWITCH to taste, to build, to try, to play, to watch… and many more you can do if you SWITCH to green of Riga Mall.

Geo-located targeting was used by the media specialists of MediaPlus. The digital billboard on Novorizhskoe highway and other sites display fashion and refurbishing topics on the way to Moscow, food and kids topics on the way to the countryside.


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