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11 September 2015, Moscow. Louder marketing communications agency announces rebranding following a merger with Serviceplan agency which made it a part of Serviceplan Group, a large international advertising holding company.

Having dismissed the color red from its logo alongside with enlarged font as a graphic idea, Louder adopted the new international design that as a follow-up of the global visual rebranding presented by Serviceplan Group in Munich in 2015.

Instead of 5 primary colors that were previously used to distinguish between the agencies within Serviceplan Group, the style will now use only the color black. All letters will be uppercase, with increased font weight.

The idea of international rebranding of key elements was introduced to strengthen the position of the Group that has 2,800 employees across the globe. The font style and logo color emphasize the interrelation of the agencies in the different local markets and give a new impetus to the development of corporate culture.

Louder’s employees say that the new logo and font borrowed from the global office is only a part of the announced rebranding. The rest of the graphic interpretations will be left to the discretion of the local offices. So Louder decided to base on geometric minimalism that uses various combinations of simple lines and figures. The corporate colors will be red, black and white.

Before the end of the year, the new visual style will appear on business cards, advertising modules and printed promotional materials, as well as in visual images in social networks and infographics for various media channels.