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The Serviceplan Group has introduced a new visual structure for their company logo. Serviceplan, Plan.Net, Media Plus and Facit are bound more closely by a uniform corporate design. The new brand logo sharpens the collective appearance of the agency group which has more than 2,800 employees worldwide.

Munich, 1 July 2015 — Five different colors cover the spectrum of the Serviceplan Group's companies: red for the agencies of the Serviceplan brand, green for the Plan.Net group, light grey for the Mediaplus group, dark grey for the market research institute Facit, and black for the Houses of Communication and the holding company's service departments. Until now they have also been used as background or signal colors and the lettering of their respective brand logos. This has now changed. The corporate name of all Serviceplan Group agencies worldwide will in future be in uniform black type with the same size as the Serviceplan cube logo which was introduced 15 years ago. At the same time the slender letters of the logo design have been replaced by a more voluminous section of corporate typeface, as already in use on the Internet site of the Serviceplan Group.

There is also a change from lower- to upper-case and thus a return to capital letters in the logo: "The new logos are based somewhat on our previous brand logos that were designed over many years in capitals," said Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group. "At the same time the chunkier, modern section of type signals an even more confident appearance for the Serviceplan Group."

Carsten Popp is responsible for the further development of corporate design. "We are reducing the new logo structure of our corporate typeface to basically two characterful sections: the strong for logos and headers and the slender for text. A reduction to the essentials was our goal, "said the Managing Director Creation of Plan.Net Solutions.

The Serviceplan Group is the largest owner-led agency group in Europe with more than 30 locations and 2,800 employees worldwide.