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Munich, 19 September 2013 — The Serviceplan brand has recently strengthened its international reputation, not least by faring so well at Cannes 2013 as the most creative independent German agency and coming in at number 2 among the world's most creative independent agencies. The rebranding of its international offices is therefore an important step behind its continued growth in foreign markets and the establishment of Serviceplan as a prominent brand on the international scene. The concept of integrated communication is to be introduced in the medium term in all Serviceplan offices using the proven “House of Communication” approach, which features the classical agency Serviceplan, the digital agency Plan.Net and the media agency Mediaplus. Digital communications continues to act as the strategic driver across the globe.

The offices in Dubai, India, Korea and Russia, together with the recently opened one in China, will all trade under the name of Serviceplan. With offices in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux, the Serviceplan Group has already established four Houses of Communication along the same successful lines as the group in Germany, where Houses of Communication already exist in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. The aim is now to extend this three brand strategy to the other countries. Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group: “Over the past two years we have put in place the structures we need to develop our internationalisation strategy. The time is now ripe to make the name of the strong umbrella brand Serviceplan known to the rest of the world. Our unique structural selling point – classical, digital and media under one roof – has been a worldwide success.”

Serviceplan International is headed up by Markus Noder, its CEO, and Managing Director Christian Barth. They are responsible for the development of the Serviceplan Group abroad as well as the acquisition of international clients. International clients that the Serviceplan Group currently supports include BMW, Lufthansa, FedEx, Western Union, Continental and OSRAM.

Florian Haller, CEO of the Serviceplan Group: “The Serviceplan Group lives and breathes internationalisation. Our global partner system, which delivers a high level of commitment and engagement for our clients and a high degree of continuity in personal relationships, is undoubtedly unique within the agency sector.”

Markus Noder, CEO of Serviceplan International, adds: “Our international approach enables us to support clients that have a global reach. Our offices are located in all the market's major business centres, and this gives us the ability to develop international communication strategies that are designed for the respective markets, as we have access to the appropriate insights in each region.”


Danilo Lange

Danilo Lange
General Manager

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E-Mail: d.lange@serviceplan.com