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Serviceplan Group, the international network of advertising agencies, takes stock of FY 2015/2016: digital is still the fastest-growing segment.

The total revenue of Serviceplan Group international advertising agency increased by 12% and amounted to € 340 million. Most of its agencies have continued to grow. One of the leaders was its digital segment represented by Plan.net that accounted for € 89 million or 26.2% of the total sales.

-       Apart from the success at Cannes, other ratings also show that the focus on digital technologies and the use of new communications mechanisms have enabled Serviceplan Group to meet the needs of its customers both on the national and international levels, and I believe will continue to do so, says Alex Schill, Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group.

The revenue of the international arm of the Group that includes Louder marketing communications agency and Serviceplan Russia creative agency has amounted to € 77 million, which exceeds the 2014/2015 figures by 30.5%.

Serviceplan Group has brought in more than 350 new accounts from all over the world, including 250 clients in Europe, around 100 internationally and 10 in Russia.

Increased international expansion suggests a larger number of employees. Indeed, at the close of the financial year the Group had a team of over 3,100 people, which is 300 employees more than in the preceding year. The Russian team of the Group has increased almost twofold: at the moment, the two agencies have 97 staff members (65 employees at Louder and 32 employees at Serviceplan Russia).

“We have successfully run the first 18 months following the integration with the Serviceplan Russia creative agency”, says Anna Antonova, Managing Partner at Serviceplan Russia advertising group. “There has been a healthy growth inside the agencies; we have exchanged much experience and knowledge with our international colleagues, and we now have new instruments to perfect our client services. We have invested in the highest quality IT infrastructure and are now gaining momentum”.



Serviceplan Group is one of the largest advertising groups. It was founded in Germany in the 1970 as Serviceplan advertising agency. In 1995 the agency became a holding company that included four independent divisions – Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Plan.net and Facit – focusing on different types of advertising and marketing communications. In 2006 the holding company began its international expansion. Today, Serviceplan Group includes over 30 agencies in 27 countries of the world and has a team of more than 3,100 employees.

In 2011 the Group entered the Russian market, and in 2015 it further expanded to include Louder, an independent marketing communications agency. Today, Serviceplan Group in Russia is represented by two agencies: Serviceplan Russia creative agency and Louder marketing communications agency whose combined team includes around 100 employees.